Membership rate of your association is dropping or stagnant? Insufficient income for covering costs? You have no time for good cost analysis and negotiations with suppliers? You have no one willing to send memo’s for association or newsletters? Membership is not engaged enough?

In order to get more members, achieve higher impact on science and provide your members with new ideas and knowledge and eliminating debt, reduce costs, we offer you Association management services. We provide you with professional and educated staff, administrative support, office space, complete technology and equipment in order get your association functional and better.

  • Identifiying markets and defining association goals
  • Strategy and action plan development
  • Financial and budget control
  • Action plan execution and membership coordination
  • Membership growth
  • Branding and marketing
  • IT administration and complete support (ready to use Internet portal with news for delegates system, articles, user profiles etc.)
  • Planning and executing meetings, conferences and workshops for association
  • Communication with industry and negotiations with suppliers
  • Administrative support (communication with other members, associations, lecturers etc)
  • PR and lobbying support
  • Membership education
  • Research and feedback analysis