Our moral principles and ethical rules require us to get job done properly and carefully monitoring our business and taking responsibility for it. Our business is transparent, we are always available, we publish and share information and respect contractual obligations and business agreements. We have zero tolerance for conflicts of interest and discrimination in the workplace.

We are not satisfied with average because we always strive for excellence. It is in our name Penta [Greek, from pente, five; as a best mark]. In order to respond to challenges we nurture creativity and innovativity of our employees. We create added value for our clients and build long-term partnerships and we take responsibility for sustainable business.

Although our employees have remarkable knowledge and experience we are learning organization. In order to deliver higher than expected we educate ourselves and we are not afraid about continual education which we implement immediately. We are always active in search for information, following and creating trends.

Go green
We don’t take paper for granted. Forests are lungs of planet and that’s the way we treat them. We are strongly encouraging electronic communication, paper recycling, carefully ordering print materials and we encourage others to do the same. Let’s go green together – now!