Virtual Events

Pivot Your In-person Event to Virtual

Penta offers white-label virtual event platform as an alternative to physical events. Our team can deliver consultations on pivoting your in-person event to virtual, helping you customize your content, organizing your speakers and attendees so that everything runs smoothly keeping them engaged along the experience. For your virtual event choose either webinars, virtual conferences or webcasting, and for full audience experience a studio live streaming.

Strategy and Consulting

Choose the Right Format

Question of every event planner is whether it is possible to transfer each physical event to virtual one? Our team will help you customize the content and choose a right format so that your event could be successfully implemented in virtual environment, from advising you on the right digital platform for hosting the event to event promotion, attendee invitation and registration, agenda organisation and to the very end with advanced analytics and reporting.

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Event Design

Build Experience Behind the Screen

How to successfully deliver the experience to audience attending a virtual event? Depending on your event goals, we will help you arrange the content, make a visually attractive presentations, personalize your event web page or suggest interactive features to engage your audience maximizing the experience to resemble the physical event. With quizzes, Q&A formats, polls, and surveys you will successfully hold your attendees’ attention behind the screen.


Align Attendees, Speakers and Sponsors

Regardless of number of attendees, your virtual event must run smoothly. In order to deliver it seamlessly, all event participants need to be aligned prior to the event, from attendees to speakers and sponsors. Our team will help with guiding the speakers through the event agenda, giving them guidelines, and making all necessary rehearsals before going live. We will invite your attendees, make sure they register and take care of sponsors’ requests.

Add-On Services

Create Engaging Virtual Event

In virtual environment content is the king therefore when planning a virtual event, content needs to be in the centre of your event strategy. We can help you with the content creation making sure that you deliver the right content to the audience, in rich format, making it visually attractive and interactive. To deliver the experience to event sponsors, we are able to organise a virtual exhibition so your sponsors are back for your next event. If you need to deliver the virtual meeting or a conference on more than one language, we will make sure your attendees can follow the agenda with no language barrier having all the presentations subtitled.

Benefits of Virtual Events

Clear View of Your ROI

  • Lower costs
  • Time saving in event organisation
  • Wider audience reach
  • Easier capturing of contacts and leads
  • Metrics on attendee engagement
  • Recorded and on-demand knowledge base
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