NEWS & EVENTS: EATB 2015. October 1- 3, 2015/ Split, Croatia NEWS & EVENTS: 7th Congress of the Croatian Society of Gastroenterology with International participation- October, 2015. NEWS & EVENTS: Croatian Nurses Association- Opatija, Croatia- October, 2015.



For more than 20 years we are helping associations and companies to achieve their targets with our knowledge, expertise and commitment.

As a PCO (Professional Congress Organizer) agency we are specialized in congress and conference organization, from bidding process, onsite operations to budgeting, financial reporting and feedback analysis.

We are a DMC (Destination Management Company). Croatia is considered to be a „new destination“ since the rest of the European destinations like Spain, France, Malta, Italy, Austria etc. have already been exploited.
Our goal is „deliver on promise“. We would like YOU to be congratulated on the job well done after you arrive back home after an incentive done in Croatia that has been organized by us.

We are so passionate about excellence that it is even in our company name Penta [Greek, from pente, five; as a best mark]. With our worldwide knowledge and local experience you can be assured that your project is in safe hands.